CV precis

2009 CV precis

Mathematics BSc (1962) Psychology BSc (1973) PG Cert, Tech based distributed learning (2006)
Southampton University Birkbeck, London University University of BC, Vancouver

Languages: English, Greek (mother tongues) French (fair) German, Mandarin (basic)

Maths lecturer, 6 yrs, Leicester & London Universities and West London Teacher Training Institute

Producer/writer of educational materials: audio, audiovision, video + supplementary print, CD-ROM

1970-1992, BBC Open University (senior producer from 1988): 100 audios and 140 videos plus supplementary print, on: mathematics, psychology, biochemistry, physics, computing, statistics. 1975/76, one-year research secondment, as programme evaluator, with Institute of Educational Technology, Open University

1992 to date, Freelance: video with supplementary print, audiovision and CD-ROM on mathematics, use of audio, staff appraisal, geometric form in art/architecture, teacher training (17 videos)

Face-to-face tuition to Open University Mathematics students at five Summer Schools

Complementary print material for half of the above video and audio programmes, plus 15 booklets for a math modelling video series produced by Leeds University (99/00), plus 17 Study Guides for teacher training videos (Vietnam and China).

Consultancy and training in educational media, for teachers,producers, teacher trainers (12 day average)

UK 79-12; including the annual 3-month EDTV Course held at BBC Open University: 1982-1994: producing and presenting materials for Production, Direction (studio & location), Screenwriting, Media Selection, Teacher Education, Media Design.USA 79, 98; Canada 79, 84, 10; Australia 84, 94; Singapore 84, 88, 12; China 84/6/8, 90, 99, 04, 06; Cyprus 05, 12; Hong Kong 84, 92, 3, 4, 5, 8, 04; India 87/8, 90, 2002, 05; Turkey 92, 06, 09, 10, 11, 12; Morocco 94; Taiwan 94/5; New Zealand 94, 05; Mauritius 94; Germany 95; Bangladesh 95; Malaysia 95, Oman 97, South Africa 2000/1, Vietnam 2002/3/4, France 08, UAE 09, Spain 10, Iran 10, Belgium 10, 11, 12; Greece 11; Estonia 11; Nigeria 11; Portugal 11, 12; Kenya 12.

Inspector (Further Education Funding Council) of Media courses in 8 FE Colleges, 1994-8

Member of: International Council for Distance Ed, Society for Screen-based Learning, European Distance and E-learning Network (Fellow of), International Council for Educational Media (executive member), Open and Distance Learning Association of Australia, British Interactive Media Association, Society for Information technology and Teacher Education, Association for Educational Communications and Technology.

Publications/Productions, including print, TV, interactive video, radio, audiocassette, CD-ROM
140 OU TV or video with complementary print, 100 audiovision lessons (radio or audio plus diagrams or PC-generated graphics), two CD-ROM’s. Co-ordinating producer of a further 200 TV and 200 audios (15 in Vietnam and 2 in China). WatchKnow (advisory committee)

Various papers and course units, including the titles:-

Catering for individual student differences Evaluating Educational TV and Radio, Open U press, 1976
Narrative screenwriting for educational TV Journal of Educational Television, 17, 3, 1991
Co-production of educational media Educational Media International, 29, 1, 1992
Multiple-media production management Open Praxis, 1, 1993
Audio-guided learning with computer graphics Educational and Training Technol International, 31, 2, 1994
Learner-active audiovision (text plus 18 min video) Aspects of Educational & Training Technology XXVIII, 1994
Audio and Audiovision (text plus 30 min audio) Course Unit, MA in Dist Ed, IEC / London Univ, 1994 and OU from 1996
Media selection and deployment British Journal of Educational Technology, 25, 1, 1994
Building quality in, not inspecting bad quality out Open and Distance Learning today, Routledge, 1995
Video production in UK and Taiwan OU’s AAOU International Conference, Taipei, 1995
15 booklets, supplementing math modelling videos Co-author, for Educational Broadcasting Trust, 2000
Picture-word synergy in multimedia packages Journal of Educational Television, 28, 1, 2003
17 Study Guide booklets, complementing 17 teacher training videos Ministry of Education and Training, Vietnam and Lanzhou, China
Pedagogic design guidelines for multimedia European Journal of Open and Distance Learning, Sep 2005
Construction of 56 English Language TV programmes Educational Media International 2013, 50, 4
Pedagogic Multimedia Design Journal of Visual Literacy, 2013, 32, 2
Audiovision for Training Nigerian Nomadic Teachers Journal of Applied Instructional Design 2015
Learning Affordances of Video-Print combinations Cogent Education, 2015
30 papers on similar topics + teacher-training + eLearning AAOU, AETT, EDEN, ICDE, ICEM, ODLAA, SITE, SSBL confrences